Friday, July 21, 2006

Frostop Root Beer
1 liter
plastic bottle
C-B Beverages, Hopkins, MN
cold, no ice

Yet another soda that split the judges! Will this fractiousness ever end? Have the troubles that plague the world finally entered the Eden that is Summer of Soda?

Kate called Frostop--a brand we discovered while in the wilds of southwestern Michigan--a "totally ordinary root beer." The smell, according to Kate, "hits you like a slap as soon as you open the bottle." It tastes like a root beer sucker then, thanks to the corn syrup, the flavor vanishes like a thief in the night. "All promise," Kate sniffed, "and no delivery."

On the other hand, I liked Frostop. It was very sweet, but also very foamy (surfactants?), which made it fun to drink. It had a root-y, licorice aftertaste that was present, but not overpowering. To me, Frostop is completely acceptable; it isn't as good as a Sprecher's or Fitz's, much less a cane sugar microbrewed soda like Americana or Virgil's, but it is quite nice to drink.

Final verdict: Kate didn't like it. I think she felt used. The packaging kept me from expecting too much, and within those limited parameters, Frostop satisfied.

KP: 3 of 10
MG: 6.5 of 10


Blogger DrWallass said...

You need to review dogs'n'suds root beer, too.

Found a pretty cool root beer webpage:

And a neat page on root beer stands. There's a frostop root beer stand in illinois:

8:21 AM  

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