Friday, July 21, 2006

Stewart's Key Lime
12 fl. oz.
glass bottle
Stewart's Beverages, Rye Brook, NY
cold, no ice

A commenter--the indefatigable Dr. Wallass--has told us that actress Kirstie Alley drinks 16 bottles of Stewart Key Lime a day. The woman must have guts of iron! I hated hated HATED this soda. It smells and tastes like something you'd mix with water in a bucket and mop the floor with. I tasted it twice--which took devotion, folks--just to make sure it was awful, and yep, it was awful.

Kate, who I don't think has suffered head trauma but maybe so, started off by saying what a pretty limeade green it was. She called the flavor "refreshingly natural, but I can't taste Key Lime...Tastes like Rose's Lime Juice to me." (Rose's is, for those lucky enough to have avoided it, an undrinkable lime-substitute used in mixing gimlets and such.) Kate even called it "the perfect drink for a Martha Stewart-style color-coordinated luncheon." Perhaps if she were still in prison, dear. Or real limes had been eradicated by Sumatran Lime Blight. The only qualm my dear bride had was the slightness of the flavor: "It's like drinking flavored air."

Final verdict: Kate--explicably--liked it, while Mike considers it a corn-syrup substitute for Mr. Clean. Well, at least one of us would get along with Kirstie Alley.

KP: 5 of 10
MG: 0 of 10


Blogger DrWallass said...

Well I'll be darned. I did some poking around, and found out that she drank Stewart's grape soda, and she only pounded 14 a day. I would like to apologize to Ms. Alley:

'With domestic tranquility came a less disciplined approach to diet and exercise. "I got lazy," she says in typical blunt-spoken style. Alley admits that "I haven't worked out for three years. I'm just going for the stuff that looks yummy." Among her favorite indulgences: Stewart's grape soda. Last summer, when she hit the 200-lb. mark, "I drank 14 Stewart's grape sodas a day. I would drink one, and by the time it was almost done I'd be popping another one just like a nut." Notes her good friend John Travolta: "She is a lot like me. When I gain weight, I enjoy it. She has been very jolly with it." Regardless of the scale, he adds, "she is the same funny, eccentric, caring person." '

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