Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pennsylvania Punch
12 fl. oz.
glass bottle
Natrona Bottling Co., Natrona, PA
lukewarm, no ice

From the sadists who brought you Red Ribbon Root Beer comes Pennsylvania Punch, almost an apology of a beverage. Where Red Ribbon was a licoricey punch in the soft palate, PA Punch is a completely unassuming, toddler-friendly, non-carbonated grape drink...Non-carbonated? I could swear something's prickling my tongue. Perhaps there's a micro-poltergeist in every bottle. "Pennsylvania Punch--it's Ecto-riffic!"

I didn't mind it, being no stranger to super-sweet grape sodas, but Kate actively disliked PA Punch. "I may never enter the state of Pennsylvania again, as a protest." (I won't remind her it's on the way to Manhattan.)

Final verdict: A super-sweet drink, with a bit softer taste than your usual grape soda. But nothing special, even if there ARE ghosts in it.

KP: 3 of 10
MG: 4 of 10


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