Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer
12 fl. oz.
glass bottle
cold, no ice

Henry W. makes up for his substandard Orange soda with this quite nice root beer. It's very, very smooth and foamy. My dad tried a swig and found it too sweet, but Kate and I both agreed that it was delicious. (I think my dad also prefers the Stones to the Beatles, which tells you something.) Weinhard's Root Beer tastes almost buttery. I taste sassafras and I approve.

Kate subtracts one point for the use of corn syrup, and another point for the lack of nuance in the flavor. She's right, it is a little thin-tasting--but had we not tasted some very assertive root beers lately (Virgil's, Americana) and unique ones, too (Gale's), Henry Weinhard's would tough to beat.

Final verdict: On its own merits, a really good root beer. The best? No. The most distinctive? Certainly not. But very good.

KP: 8 of 10
MG: 8 of 10


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