Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Drizzle Banana
12 fl. oz.
glass bottle
Moxie Harvest Corp., Brooklyn, NY
cold, no ice

This one practically leaped into our shopping cart. Banana-flavored soda? What's next? Avocado? Drizzle looks like pee and smells like banana Laffy Taffy, but I'm only partially dreading it, because my good friend pure cane sugar is part of the mix. I'm expecting this to be swill, but could this actually be good?


Sorry, no. It tastes only very faintly of banana--the dominant flavor in my mouth is straight-up carbonation, like a seltzer. The aftertaste isn't bad, a bit sweet, but actually more like tapioca. The aftertaste builds in your mouth, with every swallow leaving a layer of taste; unfortunately what's left is kinda icky.

Final verdict: Points for ambition--anybody can make a cola or root beer, a banana soda is daring greatly. Too bad it wavers between "meh" and "I need to wash my mouth out."

KP: banana-phobic
MG: 3 of 10


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