Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stewart's Cream
12 fl. oz.
glass bottle
Stewart's Beverages, Rye Brook, NY
cold, no ice

Nobody said the Summer of Soda would be easy. There will be casualties. All must come under the Judgment of the Tongue, the terrible, swift tongue.

Only by tasting a lot of sodas does one really figure out what one prefers. But slurping from the Siphon of Knowledge is a mixed blessing--you learn what's good, but you also learn what's crap. And sometimes, you find old favorites definitely lacking. Exhibit A: Stewart's Cream.

I'm a fan of Stewart's; I love their Orange Cream and Black Cherry sodas (at least I did before I started this odyssey). I've even had their Cream soda before without undue disgust. So I was surprised at how lame that beverage struck me today. It's very pale, so sweet my teeth throbbed, and the vanilla smell has a weird chemically sharpness. It tastes completely fake. This wouldn't bother me if it tasted incredibly good, but it doesn't, so what's the point?

Final verdict: When there is Virgil's cream soda in the world, why in God's name would you ever drink this?

KP: spared, thankfully
MG: 2.5 of 10


Blogger DrWallass said...

Kirstie Alley used to drink 16 bottles of Stewart's Key Lime soda a day. Apparently, she liked it. Maybe she should play the Wide Witch when Blarnia goes on the big screen.

12:20 PM  

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