Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A.J. Stephans' Black Cherry
12 fl. oz.
glass bottle
A.J. Stephans, Boston, MA
cold, no ice

Kate called this "nearly perfect." So why just a "9" from our Sultry Siren of Sodapop? "I don't know how it could be better, but I'm assuming that someone, somewhere could beat it, so I'm holding the top spot open."

I'll tell you how it could be better: fewer bubbles. I was a bit put off by the carbonation, which seemed excessive, but Kate's right: the flavor of this soda is just delicious. Almost delicious enough to make up for the twerpy "tonic" thing. Bostonians can cut that out already, and take "cleansers" along with them. That may have been okay when it was just you and millions and millions of indians, but now that there's a whole country to the left of you, it's time to get over yourselves.

Still, good job on the soda.

Final verdict: Bostonians can be a pain in the ass, but they make a darned good black cherry soda.

KP: 9 of 10
MG: 8.5 of 10


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