Friday, July 07, 2006

Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream
12 fl. oz.
glass bottle
cold, no ice

First of all: can we all agree that the "Olde Familye Traditione/Since 1492/Original Recipe" marketing gambit is tired and annoying? Same goes for the cute founding/discovery story, too. (I'm looking at you, Vernor's.) Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream (HWOC) is just dripping with this conceit, and it gets in the way of what is a very respectable orange soda. We value that plenty at Summer of Soda. But it isn't a piece of the True Cross, for God's sake.

I think we would all agree that the ur-Orange Cream food, the Platonic Ideal of orange-creaminss, is the Dreamsicle. HWOC does well in this regard; it smells like one. It even invokes a Dreamsicle on the neck band. Unfortunately, the taste is a little weak. It's got a nice color, though, and a foamy head, which is a nice plus. I just which it didn't taste like it was trying to hide.

Final verdict: No brewer back in Germany was making this crap back in the Renaissance, but it's a decent orange cream soda. Would I drink it again? Sure. Would I pay for it again? Only possibly.

KP: AWOL, possibly hanging out with Old World brewmeisters
MG: 5 of 10


Blogger Ryan said...

My film partner and I live off of this soda. Easy palette and light on the taste buds, this charming soda is elegant in every sense. As you twist the top and hear the bottle take a breathe, you can see a beautiful puddle of etherial mist float upon the liquid, only before introducing it to your lips. We love this soda and everyone on our crew has grown to love it as well. It's kept us company through many long nights.

4:52 PM  

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