Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sprecher's Cream
16 fl. oz.
glass bottle
Sprecher's Brewery, Milwaukee, WI
cold, no ice

This soda smells delicious--like honey. And the first taste is equally great; it's not overpoweringly sweet, and very, very smooth. (As you might be noticing, I like my sodas chuggable. Just in case I'm overcome with a desire to chug, you understand.) What's interesting about Sprecher's Cream is that it tastes mostly like honey, but with a touch of vanilla. This is the opposite of most other cream sodas, which, if vanilla was poisonous, they'd be plutonium.

Final verdict: I'll give Kate the last word. "If I get hit on the head," she said,"and become someone who enjoys cream soda, you will have to bring me this." As you wish, my Queen.

KP: 10 of 10
MG: 10 of 10


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